Sportdog Field Trainer 425X

Sportdog Field Trainer 425X Review

Dog training is an essential duty to be performed by all pet owners. It is key to making sure that your dog develops certain behaviors that are acceptable to the world around him.

Much of the responsibility to train your dog lies on the owner. While dog training schools are available, training your dog by yourself creates a deeper bond between the two of you. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Luckily, training collars are here to make the training easier for both of you. And out of all the collars we’ve tried, we’re most impressed by the Sportdog Field Trainer 425x.

If you’re curious about this particular collar model, read on to know more in this Sportdog Field Trainer 425x review.

Sportdog Field Trainer 425X Review

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Features of Sportdog Field Trainer 425X

Sportdog is a trusted brand when it comes to training collars, so we had a lot to expect with the 425x. Especially since its successor, the Field Trainer 425, is s big success until today.

Here are the notable features of this new and improved x-edition.

Multiple Training Modes

The Sportdog Field Trainer 425x Collar offers three training modes. That includes tone, vibration, and static stimulation.

These training modes offer different outputs to make sure that your dog is trained but still making sure that it’s within humane means.

Even if you choose the static stimulation mode, it offers you around 21 different levels, so you can choose the level that your dog can handle safely.

Also, the static stimulation can either be in the form of half-second nicks or continuous stimulations to ensure the best results.

Impressive Battery

We also love the battery on this collar. It uses a Lithium-Ion battery that’s known for being both powerful and reliable at the same time.

Since it’s rechargeable, you don’t have to be bothered with battery replacement often. Also, it only takes around 2 hours to be completely charged, and that allows you to train for hours on end already.

You don’t have to guess when it’s time for a charge, either. The Sportdog Field Trainer 425x Collar has a low battery indicator, so we can plug it in once the juice runs low. And that’s convenient.


Since this device is considered a shock collar, it must come with waterproofing as an added safety precaution. Thankfully, it does.

Surprisingly, it is also submersible for up to 25 feet. So even if your dog loves swimming or playing in the rain, you don’t have to worry about any accidental short-circuiting. Your dog is perfectly safe – even if you forget to take the collar off

Adjustable Collar

We also love its adjustability. The Sportdog Field Trainer 425x Collar comes with an adjustable design, and that allows it to fit small and big dog breeds alike.

Its recommended neck size is between 5 to 22 inches, and that’s quite an impressive range. As such, you can use it throughout the different stages of your favorite canine. That saves you a lot of money in the long run – especially if you’re training different dog breeds of different ages.

However, we do believe that using the static stimulation mode may be best for bigger dog breeds. Specifically, those who are at least 20 pounds or heavier.

Easy Operation

When it comes to looking for the perfect training collar, you should also consider how easy it is for you to operate. Fortunately, the Sportdog 425x is remote-controlled, making it a user-friendly choice.

Looking at the remote, you will notice a minimalist interface with clearly labeled buttons. We didn’t have to guess what each function was, so operating it was a breeze.

If you’re new to dog training, we recommend getting this for its seamless and stress-free operation.

Wide Range

And finally, we love that offers an impressive range and connectivity.

The Sportdog Field Trainer 425x Collar can connect to the remote even if it’s 500 yards away. This impressive distance allows you to train your dog, especially when he’s trying to escape training.

Also, it is expandable to up to three dogs. That means you can use it on three separate dogs at the same time. This feature comes in handy if you’re used to training multiple dogs at once. And the fact that you only have to use one remote for the multiple dog training makes it more convenient.

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

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  • It has an impressively consistent performance.
  • It comes with high-capacity rechargeable batteries.
  • It offers great value for the money.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It delivers a soft, pet-safe tone.


  • The softer tone on this collar may be too light to catch the attention of some dog breeds.
  • It is quite pricey.


Can the Sportdog Field Trainer 425X be used on smaller dogs?

Unfortunately, the Sportdog Field Trainer 425x Collar is recommended to be used only for dogs that are around 20 pounds or heavier. That’s at least a medium-sized dog.

Does the Sportdog Field Trainer 425X come with a warranty?

Yes. The Sportdog Field Trainer 425x Collar comes with a 1-year warranty.

Is the Sportdog Field Trainer 425X safe to use?

Yes. The Sportdog Field Trainer 425x Collar takes humane pet training into mind in its design process. That guarantees that it is perfectly safe to use, and will not cause your pet any untoward stress while training.


We hope you find this Sportdog Field Trainer 425x review to be insightful. We made sure to keep this review as honest as possible to help you decide whether it’s the right training collar for your pet.

All things considered, the Sportdog 425x features multiple upgrades from its predecessor. This makes it more convenient to use, while the advanced technology guarantees a smooth performance.

Despite all of its impressive features, this training collar was still easy to use. It didn’t give us a hard time with accessing the controls, and switching from one dog to another was a breeze. That’s a promising feature.

But what impressed us most is its price. While it’s not the most affordable, the price is quite reasonable. We believe it’s one of the best value-for-money training collars in the market – if not the best. You surely won’t regret making this purchase.

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