Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe

Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe Reviews

Excessive barking is a common dog behavior that pet owners want to correct. Fortunately, correcting this behavioral issue can be easy – as long as you have the right training technique and tools with you.

One of the most effective ways to control a dog’s excessive barking is with the use of a shock collar. These collars release vibrations or static stimulations that alert a dog when it has to stop barking. And out of all the e-collars out there, we were most intrigued by Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe Reviews.

Judging from its name, it’s easy to see that the main purpose of this collar is to limit a dog’s barking. There has been a series of positive reviews of this product, which is why we also put it to the test. Read on if you want to know our thoughts about this training device.

Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe Reviews

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Features of Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe

When we first came across the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe,  we loved how minimalist it looked. It has an all-black collar and receiver that makes it look great on any dog. However, we did notice that the receiver was quite big, so we had our reservations about how comfortable it will be for our dog.

Now with the first impressions out of the way, let’s break down and discuss its notable features.

Innovative Technology

We are big fans of remote-controlled training collars, mainly because you have full control of when your dog needs correction. This is not the case for automatic anti-bark collars, which are often activated by the dog’s barking.

Unfortunately, some anti-bark collars do not have the accurate technology to determine when barking is excessive or not – and the constant stimulations received can be stressful on his part.

Luckily, this is not the case with the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe. This collar has state-of-the-art Bark Differentiating Technology and the Autorise Technology.

The Bark Differentiating Technology detects when your dog is barking and differentiates all the other sounds he makes. On the other hand, the Autorise Technology allows for a gradual rise in the correction level as your dog barks increasingly. Together, these features work in harmony to prevent excessive barking.

We must also add that the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe comes with a Bark Odometer. This feature counts the number of barks the dog makes. It comes in handy when you’re not around, and it allows you to check how effective the collar is at suppressing the extra barking.

Multiple Correction Options

Another notable feature of this e-collar is its multiple correction options.

The Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe offers both vibration and static stimulation options. As for the static mode, you can choose between seven different strength levels.

This allows you to input the ideal configuration that’s effective at training your pet to bark less. That guarantees that you’ll be able to find the settings that won’t cause harm nor stress on your beloved pup.

Pet Comfort

Your pet’s comfort is another factor that you should always consider. Remember that the training process will already be a little stressful for him, and you don’t want to add to the burden by letting him wear an uncomfortable collar.

Fortunately, the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe has a smooth strap that’s gentle on your dog’s skin. The strap is also adjustable, and that helps ensure the most comfortable fit.

We did say that we’re a little concerned about how bulky the receiver looked. To our surprise, everything only weighs around 2 ounces, so we knew it wasn’t going to cause any discomfort.

Superior Battery Life

Another premium feature of this collar is its superior battery life.

The Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe comes with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery that can last for up to three months! This is a big upgrade from the original Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe that comes with replaceable batteries – which can be a hassle since you should always have spare batteries at hand.

And since you don’t need recharging now and then, this collar allows you to make the most of each training session with your pup.


When it comes to shock collars, waterproofing is essential. Remember that it is an electronic device, and when it’s submerged in water, that could instantly cause it to malfunction. That is unless it’s waterproof.

Fortunately, the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe has a waterproof rating of IPX7. This rating means that it can withstand splashes and water pressure for up to 10 meters. It also offers protection against rain and snow, and that reflects how durable this collar can be.

Stainless Steel Contact Points

And finally, we love the stainless-steel contact points on this device.

This material allows fast and reliable output to ensure accurate pet training. It’s also engineered to be compatible with all dog breeds – whether they’re long or short-haired, and whether they have a thick coat or not.

That makes it a versatile, all-around collar for every dog.

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  • It has impressive battery life.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is lightweight comfortable for your dog.
  • It is adjustable.


  • The receiver looks quite bulky.
  • The 7 stimulation levels can be very limiting.


Does the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe come with a charger?

Yes. The Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe already comes with a compatible charger, so you don’t have to spend extra on that accessory.

Is the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe suitable for small dogs?

Yes. Since the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe comes with multiple stimulation levels as well as a soft vibration mode, you can safely use it to control the barking on smaller dog breeds.

How well is the waterproofing on the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe?

The Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe has an IPX7-rating, which means that it can withstand splashes, rain, snow, and water pressures of up to 10 meters. This offers enough protection if you have a dog with an active lifestyle.


Now that we’ve tried this collar on our dogs, we could already see why Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe reviews are all-praise.

It comes with up-to-date technology to ensure that excessive barking is controlled and stopped, leaving us with obedient pets who only bark when it’s necessary.

And what’s more interesting is that it retails at an affordable price. Without a doubt, you won’t regret getting this training collar for your dog.

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